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21 Apr

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20 Dec

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Happy Holidays!

14 Dec



13 Dec

Hey guys,

Even though we technically work for the government that does not mean we are governmental drones, not a single person I know here is. This blog is designed as a means to build a bridge between the distant Department of Health and the people– specifically teens– please take advantage of this opportunity, we are here to help in anyway possible.

Thank you



9 Dec

Too often in life people have great thoughts and ideas they want to share but don’t know who to share it with and who can utilize it. This causes a lot of disconnects between products and people. Our “product” on SWEALTH is information but we need to know what you guys want to know about health or what you would want to say to someone in the health section of our government.
Just think on it!

In the mean time I am a big fan of questions so my question of the day to you is this.

If there was a Zombie Apocalypse where would you go?

Feeling down?

8 Dec

And its free!

Ohana means family

8 Dec

What is important to you guys? For me it is my family and friends. How does having these things in your life help you day to day?

Accessing Health Care

6 Dec

a survey will be coming soon for AHC but let me know how accessible health care  for youth is to you? leave your comment in the space below or on my fb page

Even the smallest act will help.

6 Dec

“To wish to be well is a part of becoming well.”
– Seneca

Seneca was a Roman philosopher who lived around the mid 1st century and yet his words make sense even to this day we have all been in situations where someone we know is in trouble and frankly even if it feels like you cannot do much to help them supporting them is one of the best ways to start helping. You don’t need to be a doctor to help you can also just be a friend.

Stand up to Cancer

6 Dec

Click^ Launch a Star to honor a cancer survivor/victim for as little as a dollar. I intend to personally launch one tonight, I'll keep you followers posted.